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The Sound of Cannabis

What is the unique feature of a cannabis-infused headphones?

Our headphones are specially tuned to complement the effects of different cannabis strains, providing an immersive and tailored audio experience. Additionally, we offer a mobile app that allows you to select strains and customize your experience.


Welcome to the intersection of cannabis and music

Here, we explore how these two realms intertwine, enhancing and elevating the experience of each other in profound ways. The journey into this intersection is not just about listening to music or understanding cannabis—it's about experiencing sound through a new lens, one that's colored by the depth, mood, and sensations associated with different strains.

At the heart of this exploration is the belief that music and cannabis share a symbiotic relationship, each capable of amplifying the qualities of the other. From the euphoric highs to the soothing calms, the pairing of these two elements invites listeners into a world of enhanced perception and heightened sensory experience.

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